【2007 Taiwan NOPC】



 1. Direction or How to registrate for the event. (registration fee, 1200NT about 27 Euro. what is
  included in the regiestion fee eg. meals and lodging for the two days of competition, retrival
  from cross-country flights. The registion fee does not included transporation such as
  international and local flight fare.
 2. How to get to Hualin Launch site. (Once landed in International TaoYuan airport, get shuttle
  to Taipei Train station, transfer train to Hualin or get shuttle to Shung Shan Domestic airport
  and transfer by domestic flights to Hualin. Forign pilots are encourage to contact us before hand
  for travel arrangment.
 3. This is a FAI Cat. 2 competition, all pilots competing are required to have a FAI sporting
  lincense no.

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